Sunday, February 05, 2006

Update on my life

I figure Mommy Meag Meag will check this, but to everyone else in the BLOG world, I am probably dead. Anyway...this weekend, Stacy's boy is in town, Rachel's boy is in town, Sara Van Dam went on a date, it is Matt and Emily's 1 year anniversary, Michelle and Raymond are still together, Wiley has a chick, Will is still with Regina, Chris and Lane are going strong, Nora and Todd, Jessica Stewart and Corey, Dave and Sarah, John Kidd and Rebecca, Brian Turnbull and his girlfriend, Ben and Jenn, Katie and on weekends, I work at Blair. It's pretty awesome. I get to lock myself up in a room for 4 hours and not talk to anyone on Saturday nights because my phone does not work in the room and the computer with AIM is at the doctor.

On a positive note, I am very involved with the CBDNA (College Band Directors National Association) conference that will be occurring at Blair in February and it is going well and I am enjoying it. I am also the Manager of Encorps, and am working very closely with Mr. Bernick, who, by the way, is the person I most want to be like when I graduate. I think he is awesome.

There is more going on in my life, but it's not really blog worthy, but since everyone else is occupied on Saturday nights,I figured I'd just hang out with...myself. And now I am going to hang out with myself on a different website...thefacebook.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Blood pressure and growing up

I dont understand my family. Whenever I am home and my sister is home there is a fight. Why? My sister and her girlfriend Angie drove home from New York with their dog. They started last night, slept for one hour at a rest stop and then continued home. They got home about 30 minutes ago. Alissa called when they got into Florida. She called about an hour later. She called 30 minutes after that. She called when she got to Orlando. She called when she got to Vero Beach and then when she got to Stuart (they are 30 minutes apart). She called when she got to West Palm Beach to tell about the traffic. She called when she got to SW 10th street to tell my dad that they were going to try to avoid the traffic. He told them to take Powerline and they were like "What about the Sawgrass?" (Well genius...there is still traffic...isnt that what you are trying to the way...STOP FUCKING CALLING!!) Then she called when she got to Riverside. This is the main street off of which I live. She called to say bring the dog in the backyard because Angie and I are going to run into separate bathrooms. Was that really fucking necessary? Then she comes into the family room and is like ok we have exactly 2 hours to unload the car and bring it to the airport(as it is a rental). The airport is 30 minutes away. So they lock the dogs outside and are like freaking out. Ok lets back up for a moment. How long does it take to unload a car? About 3 minutes. Now add that to the 30 minutes it takes to get to the airport and you are at 33 minutes. Ok that still leaves you an hour and 27 minutes. CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Then they are like Lauren we need your help because your father has a hernia and alissa just had shoulder surgery and your mother is retarded. So I go outside just as Angie is taking a large suitcase out of the trunk. This happens to be the same suitcase that I have been looking for since the summer. So I am like "Aha! There is the suitcase for which I have been looking!" Immediately Alissa is liek Thats My Suitcase and I didnt take it from you it was mine all along and i didnt steal it. Then my idiot mother chimes in with..ya thats not the one I was looking for...I was looking for the large zip up one. The large zip up one has been in Nashville since my freshman year. It has stayed there since it has been there. Never did it say Ackerman on it in white out, as I would not do that to my luggage...clearly a mark of my sisters. Anyway, I was like Alissa I am not accusing you I was just commenting on the fact that 1. I told you all this past summer that the suitcase probably wasnt missing, alissa had just given it to angie. 2. I dont give a shit, as my stuff is already in case you had forgotten. and 3. I am the only one that can keep track of anything. Why, Alissa, did you deny the fact that the suitcase did originally go with Angie when I asked you this summer? If it was yours to begin with, why could you not just answer honestly...or did you forget by Tuesday that you had given it to her on Monday. YOU ARE ALL FUCKING STUPID!!!!

So anyway...I was out at the car and I was liek Alissa...Alissa...Alissa...Alissa...and she would not answer me so I was liek fuck it...I am going back inside. Then they were like Lauren...what the fuck is your problem? I am so fucking sick of the role I happen to hold as the youngest child. Just because I am younger than you, it does not give you the rite to completely ignore and disregard me until you need my fucking help. So then she comes inside and is like Lauren I understand that you were not accusing us of stealing the suitcase. ANd I was it Alissa..I dont give a shit about the suitcase...that is so NOT what the issue is. Then they left for the airport...(meanwhile it is currently them still 55 minutes to get the car back...just in case you were wondering).

Perhaps you think I am over-reacting. I dont think that I am. Everything is fine until Alissa comes home. I simply went outside to help, as I was instructed to do, made a comment and was attacked. Then I stood up for myself, went inside and was further spoken to. I dont wish to speak to them. They suck. I refuse to be the mute younger sibling. It is not in my nature. I just wish that Alissa would realize 1. 8 million and 6 phone calls are not necessary in a 1 hour period. 2. The whole family does not have to help you unload the car. Let's remember people, I just drove home from Nashville and I called at strategic points so that my mom didnt worry. These were...the florida georgia border, and then Jess's house, where I stopped for dinner. That would be 2 phone calls. Then I got home and unloaded the car by we see a pattern?

Everyone thinks that Alissa is so fucking independent, but she cant even wipe her ass without first calling my mom.

Earlier today I was sitting on the couch and then my mom sat down and tried to touch me with her feet. I was like dont touch me and then she tried to diagnose me with some psychological issue... No Mom...I JUST DONT WANT YOU TO TOUCH ME...ESPECIALLY WITH YOUR DAMN FEET!

I cant stand their antics and diagnoses and them thinking that I am just a jealous younger sister. I am anything butthat. I do not wish to be like my sister in any way. I do not want any of the things she has, and I do not wish to follow her footsteps.

Then after they leave, my mom is like...alissa got ehr haircut (well fucking duh.) shes like...why dont you get your hair cut like that? And I am like,,,why? I dont wish to get my haircut. Nor do I wish to make myself look like my sister. WHy are you trying to make me into her, and then say that I am jealous of her.

FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! This is why I hate coming home!! I want to fucking scream but then theyll diagnose me with anger management issues. I WANT TO BE INDEPENDENT OF THEM !! I FUCKING HATE CORAL SPRINGS!!!!

(and that is where the title of this blog comes into blood pressure is so very high because they piss me the fuck off.)

Thanks for listening.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Hey check my post before this one!

It was awesome. It said so much! So I am back at home in Florida for Winter Break. The anecdotes will start flowing soon, as my sister will be home. My mom is completely, well...uninformed about lots of stuff and it makes for hilarious conversation. It has started already, but nothing good enough to be put on my blog. I dont think most people will check this cuz they think my blog is dead...I'll have to remedy that. It is just very hard to keep up with while at school. Too much pressure I think.

So my computer crashed, and I got a new harddrive from Dell, but now I can't play DVDs and I dont understand why. It makes me sad.

Since I have been home, all I have done is sleep and talk on aim. It is a wonderful existence. I think now I might go eat some ice cream. Hopefully I'll report later. This blog was just a test to see if I still had it in me.


Friday, November 18, 2005

Ode to a Roommate

Happy birthday Jessifer. I just wanted to put that out there. Now...onto less important things.

HARRY POTTER WAS EFFING AMAZING! I laughed, I jumped and I was utterly entertained. If you haven't seen it, you're dumb. We went to the IMAX at Opry Mills at midnight last night for Jess Jess's birthday. When we got there we walked by the movie theater and followed the line way way way far down...almost all the way to Johnny Rocket's...for those of you who don't know...that is a long ass line. The people that were first in line apparently got there at 4:30 p.m. That is intense. Anyway...the movie kicked so much ass. We bought 2 large drinks and a large popcorn, which we ate about one layer of and were full. The drinks were so big that Jess had to carry it with 2 hands and balance it with her body. It is the large cup I have ever seen in my life. Now for the details...Fred and George are cute. Ron needs to cut his hair. Harry also does. Hermione is hott!!! Viktor Krum looks like Jess's friend Keithy.

I thought I was failing statistics and so I was freaking out and talking to the associate dean at Blair about my next move and finally my Professor responded to my 80 frantic e-mails only to tell me that I am bordering on a C+, B-. That was quite super.

My lips hurt from playing the sousaphone.


Thursday, November 03, 2005

What had happened was...

Ok so My computer crashed. That sucked. Brian Turnbull fixed it because he is amazing. He was not able to save my pictures...sad.

People that work at Dell that are not Mike or JTK are retarded. I is difficult to understand them when you are on your cell phone that doesn't get service in Lewis and they speak broken English. It is equally hard to understand them when they tell you to go to page 7 and there are only 5 pages. That does not compute.

Hurricane Wilma:
That bitch hit my house. The trees (big pine trees) across the canal all fell over onto the houses over there. Thats not good. Our back fence blew down and one of our palm trees snapped in half. Also not good. I shall try to post pictures when I learn how to use a computer.

Katie Palmer is the least reliable person I have ever met in life....she sucks.

My fucking baton broke...the second one. Each one is 25.00. I am not buying a third. Elmer's glue is where it's at.

I am hungry.

Ok hopefully I shall continue on this blogging-ness. Probably not, but one can dream.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thursday Evening

ok so...yesterday I had 3 tests this morning i had a test and then i skipped class to write drill for the student show with michelle. but now...I AM FREE!!! I have nothing to do (except practice tuba, bassoon, and piano for my midterm on tuesday...but i am obviouly not going to do any of that). Dr. Sagen, in my opinion, is trying to sabotage the student show in order to make us lok dumb...BUT IT WONT HAPPEN!!!! He wants the drill by Monday and we have already written the show and put 5 of 8 or 9 pages on the computer. The rest of the sets are block drills so they will take like 3 minutes with the help of mr. bernick...that puts us 3 days ahead of schedule with the student completely finished 1week and 4 days before it is going to be taught to the band...BOOYA!!! That is fucking we just have to do it...and by we i mean michelle and i...cuz it seems like not much work has been done by other people...well i gues the music props to them but hey long as the show is done right? RIGHT! Now i am in the ear training lab getting pad $9.00/hour to update my blog...sometimes i really heart blair. TIMESHEETS DUE TOMORROW!! REMEMBER THAT! OK bye.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Editor's Remarks

After posting and then reviewing the following blog entry, I found that my third sentence is not in fact a sentence, and for that I apologize. I digress...


Stereotypes are great. I have to agree with India on that one. Days when females where shorts from the boys side of Pac Sun that are down to their knees and then a Vanderbilt hoodie, when to the general public their sexuality is already ambiguous. It is a lovely thing. It makes me laugh. Also when Jewish people from New York go to Noshville and then complain that their food is not "like home." WELL FUCKIN GEE!!! IT'S MOTHER EFFING NASHVILLE TENNESSEE!! IF YOU WANT A FUCKING NEW YORK DELICATESSEN, GO IN NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This last comment is directed at Justin Leventhal's mother, not my own dear sweet, sane, content mother.

Jess keeps her computer really far back on her desk. I also find this amusing, as she has short arms.

The lights in the bathroom were out of order this morning. Getting ready for class was a difficult feat, but as I pulled on my Monkey Boxer shorts and Pac Sun shorts over that...I mean my mini skirt and pointy heels, I realized things in life could be not being able to see in the bathroom in the morning.

In 1 hour I have to go to a Marching Band seminar with Senior (the spanish variety...not the old one...although that works too) Sagen. That should be oodles of fun...yes I said oodles. Then it is a student show drill meeting and then off to Wal Mart with the niece...Noodle. My shoulder hurts from being hunched over while typing at Jess's very far away computer.

Live Long and Prosper. Or not...whatever you want...cause really it's not up to me.